Katon Bagaskara
Vocals, guitar
Place/ Date of Birth
Magelang/ June 14, 1966

katon bagaskara

This hopeless romantic continues to be one of Indonesia's most prolific songwriters. With six solo albums under his belt, KATON continues to work as a solo artist and with his group, NuKLa. Blending pop, jazz and R&B, the Central Java native included two new songs on his collection of greatest hits "Koleksi". Released in 2001, the cd documents the direction of this gifted songwriter after more than ten years with his first group KLa Project. Classic hits like Dinda, Dimana and Usah Kau Lara Sendiri touch a place in the hearts of almost any Indonesian who has ever turned on the radio or endured the pain of a love gone lost. His enduring lyrics remain some of the best memorized in a country where ballads and love songs often provide the only solace for a broken heart in search of life's inner meaning.


• Album "Kidung Cinta"

• Album "Percaya Saja"
(Warner Music Indonesia, 2003)

• Album "Koleksi"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 2001)

• Album "Damai dan Cinta"

• Album "Harmoni Menyentuh"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 1997)

• Album "Gemini"

• Album "Katon Bagaskara"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 1994)

1. Semestinya Kau Bahagia
2. Lara Hati
3. Negri Di Awan
4. Dengan Logika
5. Cinta Putih
6. Dinda, Dimana
7. Meniti Hutan Cemara
8. Tidurlah Tidur
9. Usah Kau Lara Sendiri
10. Pasangan Jiwa
11. Melepas Kisah
12. Selembut Awan