Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo
Vocals, keyboards
Place/Date of Birth
Jakarta/ May 26, 1972
Queen, Led Zeppelin, U2, Duran Duran


Ari Bernardus Lasso
Place/Date of Birth
Madiun/ January 17, 1973
Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Carpenters

Andra Ramadhan
Place/Date of Birth
Jakarta/ June 17, 1972
Dave Navarro, Scott Henderson, Pat Metheny
Erwin Prasetya
Place/Date of Birth
Surabaya/ January 29, 1972
The Police, Rush, U2
Wong Aksan
Drums, synthesizer
Genesis, Duran Duran, Weather Report
dewa 19

Few bands have influenced the course of pop music in Indonesia as much as DEWA 19. Since their inception in Surabaya in the late 1980s, the band has become a household name and spawned numerous imitators. When big-hair bands were at the height of their popularity, these high school friends were checking out Casiopea, Chick Corea and Queen. Their sound was fresh and their talent was immense so they entered the studio to create their first album in 1992. Their debut effort sold more than 200,000 copies and every album since then has sold more than the last.

When "Pandawa Lima" was released in 1997, the band's following was already in the millions and Ahmad Dhani was at the height of his songwriting ability. The band went on to put out five albums until Ari Lasso left to pursue a solo career. Their last album together is a classic in the annals of Indonesian rock music yet evidence that too much talent in one group can also be explosive. The next incarnation would also go on to find success but many still reserve their fondest memories for this supergroup that gave rock music a flavor Indonesians could call their own.


• Album "The Best of Dewa 19"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 1999)

• Album "Pandawa Lima"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 1997)

• Album "Terbaik Terbaik"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 1995)

• Album "Format Masa Depan"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 1994)

• Album "Dewa 19"
(Team Records, 1992)

Pandawa Lima
1. Kirana
2. Aku di Sini Untukmu
3. Bunga
4. Suara Alam
5. Sebelum Kau Terlelap
6. Satu Sisi
7. Aspirasi Putih
8. Cindi
9. Petuah Bijak
10. Selatan Jakarta
11. Kamulah Satu-satunya